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Listen to sex chat recordings

I love to bend a boy over and work my big rubber dick right up his little ass pussy! A big strap on cock like this deserves a wet, nasty blow job. *Wink* If you ever want to talk to me live you absolutely can!

Ha ha….(Though I easily could, and have.) A satisfying phone partner is a subjective thing, I know. What drives one wild may turn another off, such is the way of the world.

One of my Literotica fans who’s a real audiophile mentioned the quality of the soundfiles is better in these links I have on my site here than on the compressed Literotica submissions.

If you’ve chatted with me, even if you didn’t have the elusive voice I seek, hopefully you felt I was a nice, sweet girl.

I have enjoyed my chats with you boys, my auditions you’ve all endured. Listening to another person on the end of the line as they moan, and breathe, and stroke themselves to ecstasy.

So he asked me to post all the links here so he could listen to as high a quality a recording as he could get.

So for those of you that feel the same, here you go.

Call us now to choose one of our phone sex recordings and find out how horny it can be listening to others.