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You'll discover the way she gets ready for shootings, how her daily routine is, the way she flirts with her neighbors and, of course, everything that happens in her bed.

The best porn versions and parodies of the most successful TV shows, the most broadcasted movies and the most popular series.

Don’t hurt your Mistress’ feelings by telling Her that’s not enough.

I’m sensitive, and when you hurt My feelings, it tends to make Me feel vindictive.

We converted our pornstars into erotica goddesses, into our most glamorous lovers. By laying them softly on a bed, caressing their silky breasts, kissing them passionately and conquering them by giving these women all our tender love.

We light on the fire of their volcano and take them subtly, but inoxerably, to a lustful bang and orgasms that make them shudder when experiencing intense pleasure. We caught pornstars live, at home or in the street, invited them to spend a day with us, and of course, to fuck them all in a very crazy way at the first place we’ll find.

He'll be completely in his element by fucking around in any public place he'll feel like doing it for our series called ' Ready or not... Stay tuned and don't miss these great sex adventures in a cap, a carwash, on the highway or even in a car park.

Cum Louder wasn't about to quit the business and Nacho Vidal wasn't dead.

But at least they’ll be taking care of their prostate, so it’s not all for naught. You must never forget that the bulk of this whole endeavor is for My amusement, and you’d best believe I’ll get a lot of enjoyment of seeing you frantically burn through toy after toy, trying to find the one that may give you those full-body waves of pleasure you’ve heard about. A lot of times, when a boy is locked in chastity, a prostate orgasm just makes him hornier. Would it make you swell in your cage, even more, to hear Me read this post?

The most brutal sex, the wildest actions and the most pleasurable violence all together in just one series with the hallmark that only Cumlouder can offer.

And the tallest compartment has one pouch for a tablet or books.

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