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On John White’s 1586 map of the North Carolina coast, the island identified as “Croatoan” includes the southern part of Hatteras Island and a portion of Ocracoke Island.

He tried to venture south to check on them, but storms derailed his plans, requiring him to return to England without actually confirming their whereabouts.

The whole time I am thinking about 'herpes' and when I should tell them.

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While settlers and natives frequently traded goods with each other, certain objects that have been uncovered by various teams at Cape Creek were likely too precious for colonists to give up.

Artifacts of particular interest include a gunlock, sword hilt, and a slate and pencil set.

Some think disease wiped the colony out, while others believe it met a violent end in a bloody battle. And according to some speculators, you just can’t rule out alien abduction.

The possibilities are tantalizing enough that the creators of fictionalized the real-life mystery in the show’s sixth season.

The uncertainty that has shrouded the colony’s disappearance has been stirring the imaginations of folks ever since.