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Are drew roy and sarah carter dating

Dressed as the vigilante, Tom surrenders himself to the overlord and is taken aboard the ship.

Tom and the 2nd Mass survivors arrive at the Volm hideout and are immediately met by Cochise, who introduces his second in command Shaq.

When Cochise explains that they have Matt's location with the help of recon drones, Tom departs along with Weaver and Cochise leaving Hal behind in charge with orders to gather ammunition and supplies.

When Tom notices that Pope is successful in destroying the tether, he detonates the explosives and jumps into the water in triumph.

Anne meanwhile collapses and dreams that she is onboard an Espheni ship while heavily pregnant, when she notices Karen and an Overlord affecting her unborn child, she despairs.

Dingaan meanwhile is injured, which forces Pope to wear the Faraday Suit and scale the fence to destroy the tether with the charge.

Hal waits with the ghetto residents in the tunnel and is forced to defend them from incoming skitters, and Tom meanwhile draws the chasing skitters into a building covered with explosives.

They reveal their new plan for humanity – turning human adults into an elite front line army of skitters – and what they did to the rebel skitters.

Faced with an ultimatum from the overlord to save his family, Tom takes advantage of the ensuing chaos, when the ghetto's residents launch projectiles against the ship, to examine the ghetto layout and power source.

Meanwhile, Ben awakens in Chinatown and is immediately suspicious of his surroundings; although Maggie assures him that the place is safe and untouched by the Espheni, he later meets a now grown-up Lexi.

Elsewhere, Anne leads the 2nd Mass survivors on an attack against an Espheni weapons shipment, but is surprised to find children inside the truck.

Tom meets Cochise and learns that the Volm have left the Earth, leaving behind small recon teams, and that the Espheni have similar ghettos across the planet.