Start Your best friend dating your ex boyfriend

Your best friend dating your ex boyfriend

At this point, even if it was your ex who broke up with you, you don’t want to give them all the power.

So, doing such a thing is only going to hurt your chances.

In fact, if they were in a relationship with you, then they care for you too. “I love you” and “I really really care for you” isn’t what your ex needs to hear right now.

Smothering them with affection may even push them further away.

In the first part of this 3 STEP PLAN, I am going to tell you what are the biggest mistakes that people make after they’ve broken up.

These extremely common mistakes end up hurting your chances of getting back together.

So if your ex is seeing someone else, all you have to do is just be cool about it. Sometimes, they start seeing someone else just to rub in your face that they are moving on.

And you should not react to their relationship by telling them they are doing a mistake and they shouldn’t be seeing this new person.

Playing mind tricks is not the way to go if you want to have a long term healthy relationship with your ex.